DIY Nikon DSLR IR Remote with MSP430

Three years back in time, I bought Nikon D3000 DSLR. I started shooting, but the moment I needed remote, came one day (more over night), during on night photography session. I checked all local suppliers, but the prices were high. I ordered one from China. The problem with orders from China is that they take time. I started waiting and one day I made my IR remote, using the MSP430.

This is a youtube video showing the remote in action:

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Driving two digits seven segment indication with MSP430 Launchpad

This example is Step1 from the Clock Project I’ve just started. Here you can see how to drive dynamically two digits seven segment indication using only one controller. I’m using MSP430G2231 controller.

Coming soon the documentation of the project from this step. Schematic, BOM, video and source code. Presently the analog part of the project is not so as perfect as should be, because I started it with all the components available in my Bag-Full-Of-Parts. The MSP430 Launchpad board is wired to a breadboard.
This is the a video showing the prototype.

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Simple Metronome using MSP430 Launchpad

In the beginning of this year I decided to start taking piano lessons.  Step-by-step the moment I had to start playing using metronome came. My teacher told me to by one. Unfortunately I didn’t found time to buy one. My MSP430 Launchpad had just arrived four days earlier. So I decided to build my on metronome. I opened the “Big-Bag-Of-Parts”, and found the appropriate sound buzzer.

For this project I used MSP430G2231.

This is a video of the Metronome in action.

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